Why you need to hire a dog walker

dog walker

Your dog is a loyal creature. He patiently waits for you to come home from work to give you kisses and cuddles when you walk in the door. However, most evenings the kisses and the cuddles are put on hold for Fido’s much-needed bathroom break. In a perfect world, you could work from home and have time to take Fido on a nice leisurely walk 2 or 3 times a day. But let’s get real for a minute here…ain’t nobody got time for that! The boss needs you to stay late, the kids have soccer practice, somebody’s got to make dinner. That is where a dog walker can make a positive impact on the relationship you have with your canine companion. 


A dog walker provides a midday bathroom break

Healthy dogs can often hold their bladder for up to 8 hours. Some can even go longer. Just because Fido has an “iron bladder” doesn’t mean you have to make him hold it all day. Hiring a dog walker to come and give Fido walk midday (and evenings too), break up the time he has to hold his bladder, which makes Fido a happy pooch and you a happy pet parent. Dog walkers are hitting the pavement walking dogs all across the country at all times of the day. Here at Top Dog Pet Sitter, we walk dogs starting at 11:00 am all the way to 2:00 pm and as needed in the evenings to accommodate everyone’s work schedule. 

A dog walker helps keep Fido from getting bored

We all hate being bored. Fido is no exception. While you work the daily grind Fido is at home switching from snoozing on the couch to snoozing on his dog bed. He tosses around a toy or two and enjoys his daily routine of barking at the mailman. It is in the in-between naps and routine that your dog craves attention to break up his day. A dog walker can be your dog’s midday hero showing up just in the nick of time to get Fido outside to sniff all the new and old neighborhood dogs that have cruised by the house since his last walk. After his walk, he can settle into his doggy bed with a smile knowing his favorite person will be home soon to take him for an evening stroll. 

A dog walker provides exercise

Exercise is just as important for your dog as it is for you! Fido needs to get in some cardio each day to keep his waistline trim and his heart healthy. But if you are anything like most working adults, getting your own cardio workout in everyday hard enough. Let your dog walker come to the rescue! Dog Walkers are superheroes with leashes. Their job is to exercise your dog. So go ahead and give your friendly neighborhood dog walker a call and hit will be hitting the pavement in no time! 

A dog walker allows crated dogs to stretch their legs

Crate training has saved many dog owners from costly veterinary bills and many a headache. Your dog’s crate maybe his safe haven or the scary place he goes when you leave him home. Either way, he sees it, a good stretch of the legs midday makes his crate time more enjoyable. A midday walk will improve his circulation and keep his joints from getting stiff. Your dog is already getting excited about his potential dog walker as he reads this while longer over your shoulder. 

A dog walker helps prevent accidents from puppies & seniors

Puppies are cute. They make you laugh when they do adorable things, they make you cry when they have accidents. Seniors dogs are so regal. Their loyalty brings a smile to your face, but their lack of bladder control will make you frown. What if there was some magical way for you to go to work and come home to an accident-free home? There is! Dog walkers are like your fairy godmother when it comes to puppies and senior’s pets. They are available to let your dog outside for a potty break or walk while you make that money. They can wave their magic wand and customize a schedule that works best for your schedule, their schedule, your dog’s bladder’s schedule. 

A dog walker provides you with peace of mind

Happy hour with colleagues. A ball game after work. Your daughter has a recital. Boss making you stay late again. There is a pile-up on the interstate. Sometimes life just gets in the way and you have to roll with punches. Fido doesn’t know how to roll like that. He’s on a schedule. A dog walker can give you peace of mind that you do not have to rush home to get him out the door to potty. No need to brush off your colleagues for that evening drink. Catch that ball game with a client. Sit in the front row at the recital. Make the boss happy and stay to finish up that project. Rock out to your favorite songs while sitting in traffic. Just keep calm and call your dog walker! 

When hiring a professional dog walker, be sure to check their credentials! Professional dog walkers are bonded & insured,  CPR First Aid Trained, have a clear background check, and hold other professional certifications and training certificates. 

Let Christina of Top Dog give Fido the midday walk he needs and deserves.  Click here to check out our services page to find out more about our Midday Dog Walks.

Written by Julie Gajewski. Julie has been pet sitting and working in the veterinary industry as both a technician and hospital administrator since 1997. She is a pet business consultant and a guest blog writer for pet sitters across the world. She lives in Florida with her husband and furry children, 2 Pugs and 4 cats.



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